Eve’s point of view. 

Created by Him for him to be a companion day by day. A friendship was formed with no thoughts of going astray. 
The land was ours to enjoy and share. We had fun as we recalled the names of the animals under our care. 
My favorite part of our day were walks in the garden each morning. God would teach us and guide us….I wish we would have heed to his warning. 
He gave us permission to enjoy any fruit our eyes could see. With the exception of the fruit from one specific tree. 
It was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and eating its fruit would bring certain death. Who knew that one conversation would result in our last connected breath. 
The craftiness of a sentence was a hard lesson to learn. It was part truth and all lies that caused the questions in my head to turn. 
“Did God really say,” is how the serpent started his words. “You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” And it was doubt that I heard. 
I answered the serpent with the truth that I knew. I even added my words and that is where confusion grew. 
Not to eat and not to touch- I couldn’t remember God’s command. Looking back now I can see the whole evil conversation was planned. 
I was told I would not die, I would know good and evil like God. That seemed nice in the moment but the plan was so flawed 
Wisdom could be gained and oh, how that sounded so grand. Adam and I took a bite and now here we stand. 
We are naked and afraid and we can’t  go back-to the moments of peace where there was nothing we lacked. 
The serpent was right, we did not die and our bodies are still well. He did not mention this would be so much worse, our bodies now a shell. 
I hear God calling my name but why do I want to run the other way. This is not what I imagined, can we please go back to just the other day? 
We were dreaming of our family and now we are casting blame. It is he said, she said, our fiery words is what we aim. 

Devastating does not even begin to describe the emotions I feel. We have been removed from the garden, I beg of time to just please STAND STILL? 
I still weep at the memory at the Lord’s kindness as he made us our clothes. We feel we deserve his wrath but his everlasting love is what this action shows. 
Life has been hard and years later I am still saddened by my rejection to God’s command. If only I could go back to the serpent and his conversation and with confidence I would stand. 
God’s word is set in place to protect us and not bring harm. He IS on our side and we were created to live life under his guiding arm. 
When I took that first bite our story was set in motion that no human can reverse. It would need the shedding of clean blood to break this curse. 
Who is clean enough and who can stand this test? Is it you or is it I, which one would be the best? 
We are all sinful at birth so we could never be the chosen one. God knew this but made a way by sending us his Son. 
His seed is of God so he has no sin and his blood is pure. He allowed his blood to be shed, he became the cure. 
We became dead and separated from God, this is why He was telling me to stay away from that tree. But there is now hope in Jesus, who’s blood broke the curse for you and me. 
I have felt what it means to be a shell of a (wo)man. I was empty and alone with no reason to stand. 
Connecting as One, back to God is the greatest gift I will ever receive. I cannot thank Jesus enough for shedding his blood, being buried and rising three days later to set me free. 

By: charlene turney Sept 20, 2017 out of Genesis 2 and 3 

-Yesterday my Uncle Chuck asked if I had written any poems on the Fall of Mankind. I said no but that I could write one. This is what I can up with today 😊 

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