She wasted her time. 

This morning Ava had a certain amount of time to get ready for school. While I am getting dressed and brushing my teeth, she should be doing the same. Today I walk out of my room and she is sitting on her floor, still in her pjs and her hair a hot mess. I asked her “What have you been doing, we leave in 15 mins.” She had no real answer other then she used all her prep time trying to get her play away (audio book) to work. She had a battery to get it going but something was wrong. She took it out and tried every way, multiple times, to put the battery in and get it started. She wasted all her prep time working on the wrong thing. I said I would help while she got ready. I fixed that battery and tried 3 more batteries, having none of them work. The 4th battery finally worked and she is now enjoying her audio book while finishing her morning task. I thought about how God has giving us time here on Earth and so many of us waste our time trying to find the right “power source”, the right religion. We think we have the right source, it’s just not working. We have our religion and we try that one thing a whole bunch of different ways trying to get it to work. We think “I am the problem, I am doing something wrong” All the while not realizing we were totally off the whole time. You can take your religion and you can tweek it every which way and still not have peace or joy. If you are not plugged into the right source -Jesus Christ- you could be like Ava and waste all your prep time (here on earth) on the wrong thing. 

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