Bring on the snacks!!

This snack was tweaked from the amazing Juli Bauer cookbook. You can find one million recipes on her site for FREE!! Check it out here. I love it so much but I am not allowed to do the honey during Whole30 so this is my version of her awesomeness. IMG_6006

Take one can of full fat coconut milk (Thai is my favorite brand because I don’t have to wonder what is in there) and 1 cup of Coconut/Almond milk or just almond milk or whatever nut milk you want to use, pecan, cashews…

Pour both milks in a bowl and add one cup of nut butter. I used cashew butter, you can use your favorite, except peanut butter, it isn’t allowed on Whole30. Next add about 1/8tsp salt. Now mix it up really well. I used my immersion blender but you can hand whisk it, that works great too. Now evenly pour this into a few glass jars that have lids that you can use later. Now measure out about 1/4 cup of chia seeds per the amount of jars you used and dump it in. Close the jars with said lids and shake until you cant shake no more. Place in fridge over night, shaking jars one more time a few hours later.

Now, time to eat. Place some of the chia pudding mixture into a bowl and add sliced almonds, shredded coconut, and fruit. For this pic I used cranberries because I don’t start the Whole30 for another few days but check you dried fruit first. My cranberries had sugar in them as does a lot of dried fruit. Fresh blueberries or strawberries are amazing too.  It is also stated on Whole30 to limit your dried fruit in take because the natural sugars increase with the dehydration process. This is one that got me through lots of sweet cravings and late night snacks. Try it out and let me know what you think. IMG_6013




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