Sweet treats for my sweet peeps. 

Well, it sure was a long second since I last posted. I was on a roll then just seemed to roll out of sight.  I am back and it is with a yummy treat. I admit, it needs a bit of tweaking but the end results are still super delicious, that is if you like pretzels, chocolate, and nut butter. If that isn’t your thing, than move along 🚶‍♀️ 

I used gluten free pretzels and grinded them in my tiny food processor. Next time I will use my bigger one bc I wanted a fine powder and didn’t get it this time.  

I have silicone muffin cups. I think I got mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You can find some here. In the bottom of the muffin cup I  placed the crushed gluten free pretzels. Next time I may add a little ghee or butter to hold it together better. It was still a little crumbly when I took it out later. 

Next I added some nut butter. I used this cashew butter, you can use whatever  you want. 

I melted chocolate chips in a make shift double broiler and poured the melted chocolate on top of the nut butter. 

Somehow I will make the chocolate thinner next time so it pours smoother. This time it basically plopped out and into the muffin cups.  Did it affect the end taste? It is chocolate, that is not even possible 😉 but it did make it difficult to eat because the chocolate was frozen solid (after the freezer step of course) and the nut butter was frozen but easier to bite. 

I sprinkled the chocolate with salt and placed them in the freezer for a few hours. The end results….well take a look 

I told you it needed some work but it didn’t stop little hands from wanted to try it. 

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