Day one of-Hosting an exchange student.

Today is day one. Actually it’s pre-day one because they are not here yet. Time is 10:30 A.M.

Yep, you read that right….they….plural….more than one student.

About two months ago we were asked if we knew of any families that wanted to host an exchange student and after talking we decided we would like to do that. We host tons of people throughout the year but have never ventured into the -long term- exchange student-realm.

We had recently moved some of the kids rooms around and now we needed to re-think room placement. We had, what felt like thousands of projects, to start and complete before they arrived and only about 1 month to get it all done. In the beginning this seemed possible, in the end we wondered if we could get it all done.

We did. 😍


Time is now 9:48 pm and we are ending day 1 as Turney party of 9 ❀️ Everything went great at the pick up and we were able to stop by the house and drop off their luggage before heading to Newks for lunch. We met another family there. They live in Clarksville and their exchange student is from Germany. We will see them often throughout the year. Upon leaving the restaurant we drove around centennial park and talked about when we would come back. We are all excited to try new things together as a family.

Here are some fun things about today:

1-when we walked into our home for the first time Santi was really intrigued by the creaking of our wooden floors. Our home was built in 1933 and has the original floors. At his house he said it is a concrete base to the floor and so there is no creaking. He walked and creaked for quite some time πŸ˜‰

2-Iva had never had macaroni and cheese. She choose that for her first lunch in Nashville. She enjoyed it but how could she not…..It’s pasta and cheese. πŸ˜‹ She also has not had tacos or s’mores and those are three basic food groups here in America. Mac and cheese/tacos/s’mores…..nothing else is needed.πŸ’’ Her food palette had gone as far as it can go πŸ€ͺ.

I was actually surprised that she hadn’t had tacos. I assumed it was a universal meal but she said since we are close to Mexico we have lots of Mexican influences with our food. She does not have the in Austria. They have lots of pasta πŸπŸ€—

Tonight for dinner I wanted to offer something that was versatile and simple. I chose tacos.

Iva wanted to see our Super market so we walked down to Kroger. She got to meet Caleb there and I got a few groceries for dinner.

After dinner we all sat in the bonus room and told everyone things that we liked and didn’t like in life. Gabi was at work during this time.

Now we are watching assassins creed. Santi was too tired to even start the movie and still wanted to finish unpacking. Iva watched half but just recently headed off to bed. They have had a long week 😊

Day one is a success. 😘

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